Kids workshops

I know


These are kindergarten workshops where children acquire information and knowledge about the world they live in: nature, animal kingdom, traffic, other cultures, history of civilisation, science, technology, professions, numerous interesting facts, etc. In these workshops, depending on the topic they are interested in, the children go to museums, theatres, factories, the zoo, etc.

Art workshop


Uses an array of art techniques, materials, surfaces to allow children to express themselves creatively and get to know their own artistic capabilities, artistic expression, their own and other children’s inner world.

Musical postcard


Where children develop a sense of rhythm, composing, acquire new knowledge about specificities and differences between various instruments, through frequent guest visits of music school teachers and students. They are also fulfilling children’s need to use their voices to express their emotions through singing. The Musical Postcard is designed and implemented by a music teacher (guitar professor).

Little theatre


An activity through which children are introduced to the culture of dramatic art, basics of dramatic expression, where they can develop imagination, perception and be emotionally enriched. These workshops are often accompanied by guest performances of theatre companies, as well as visits to children’s theatre where they are introduced to the stage, actors, make-up, costumes, etc.

Lets learn English!


Intensive workshops at the kindergarten that enable children not only to become fond of a foreign language, but to learn how to speak it as well, with the help of books and learning aids of the Longman publishing company. English language teacher is in charge of motivating and teaching the language four times a week.

Computer school


Where children are introduced to the general purpose of computers and how to use them. Children learn how to use specific programmes to draw, use letters, create their own folders and dive into the world of encyclopedias and education in a new, modern way, with the help of a cybernetics teacher.

Little-big preschoolers


A workshop in the kindergarten where children, depending on their age, acquire basic knowledge of mathematical and logical operations (classification, seriation, sets formation, spatial dimensions, understanding time relations, shapes, colours), as well as nurture language skills (poetry, prose, expressive, imaginative use of the language), where children are set on the path of language development, as well as child development in general.

What my body can do


Includes daily physical activity through a fitness field, movement games, music games inside the kindergarten, as well as outside in the courtyard. A great advantage of the “Prozorčić” kindergarten is the close proximity to Košutnjak, as well as two large parks, so 2-3 aforementioned workshops can be held outdoors every day (except in poor weather conditions).