Psychological workshops

Importance of sensory functions

Our sensors are contact functions through which we realise contact with other people. It is necessary to develop awareness of what we see and hear, touch, smell and taste. By focusing on all senses, we develop our awareness of emotions.

Psychological life of a child

Psychological life of a child is a very sensitive area. The child is very dependent on the surrounding environment, so the way it behaves, how it feels and how it creates a self-image is significantly dependent on the type of environment created by the adults. That is why it is important for the adults to become highly sensitive to the child’s needs: need for protection, attention, physical and emotional intimacy, as well as develop sensitivity to various situations in the child’s life: separation from parents, physical injury, blame, feeling guilty, lack of movement and exploration, denial, independence.

Parenting is learned!

The greatest motivation for learning is the desire for our children to be the best that they can be! Undeniably important is our awareness of who we are, which part of us we want to pass on to our children and which we don’t, what our values are, and what are the things we wish to change. We cannot have a clear insight into the child if we first haven’t looked inside ourselves, because we are the model that the child will follow, whether we want it to or not.