Work plan & programme

  • Kindergarten open hours: 7:30 am – 6 pm
  • Full-day and half-day care for children ages 1 – 7
  • The kindergarten is open throughout the year, except during state holidays

In the kindergarten, the children can have breakfast, snack and lunch, and the parents can choose the type and number of meals they want for their child.
There are 8-12 children per group.
Depending on the topic we are working on with the children, we organise visits to theatres, museums, and cultural institutions, in the period from October to May of the current school year.
Daily routine always includes a walk or outdoor activities for the duration of at least one hour (the duration of walks and sledding depends on the weather conditions).
Kindergarten workshops last 30-50 minutes for older children and 15-25 minutes for the younger ones.
During the year, there is an outdoor school planned somewhere in nature outside of Belgrade, from three to seven days (The Tara mountain, Palić or similar).
With the aim of a healthier and better development of the child, the kindergarten “Prozorčić” organises psychological counselling for both children and parents, performed by psychotherapists.